Dubai Kaboozi Seller, Brenda Miles Speaks Out On Video Hiding $100 In Her Wet Cave | VIDEO

April 14, 2022
Brenda Miles

Brenda Miles

On Tuesday, a video leaked online showing Nigerians searching into Bwaguga of a certain babe and picking out $100 bills she had stuffed in there.

After a thorough service, the Nigerians looked for their stolen money in vain. They started searching and realised the babe must have hidden it in Bwaguga.

Brenda Miles

They started flipping its pages and found $100 bill stuffed deep inside.

According to the guys that leaked the video, they named the babe as Brenda Miles because of resemblance.

Yesterday, the self proclaimed kaboozi seller rubbished the video and insisted she was not the one.

She took aim at haters and insisted she is too rich to steal $100.

Watch video:

In the Ghettos of Dubai, Brenda has made herself a name and thirsty Nkuba Kyeyos who know to call in case they want to take a deep swim into the Thighland.

Brenda shared her numbers and always ready to service her clients.