Do You Have Waters? – Anne Kansiime Embarrasses Spice Diana In Presence Of Faridah Nakazibwe | VIDEO

February 28, 2022
L-R: Faridah Nakazibwe, Spice Diana and Anne Kansiime

L-R: Faridah Nakazibwe, Spice Diana and Anne Kansiime

‘Shy’ Spice Diana was left embarrassed in presence of Faridah Nakazibwe after comedian, Anne Kansiime asked her whether she has waters.

The trio were in salon being worked on as they prepared for Chipper Cash photoshoot.

Kansiime with motherly size, asked Spice if she has waters as she picked her water bottle. The spoilt and shy Spice Diana asked her, “which water”?.

Kansiime replied ‘Hydro water’. Though they tried to twist the conversation, our observers concluded that Kansiime meant the real water from some blessed western dems.

Spice Diana, Anne Kansiime and Faridah Nakazbwe recently renewed their ambassaorial deals with Chipper Cash – a cross-border payments app, which enables people to send & receive money.

Kansiime was left a total orphan in January this year after she lost her dad, 6 months following her mum’s demise.

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