Did He Do It? Princess Amirah Accuses Chris Evans Of Wanting To Sleep With Her In Exchange Of Collaboration

July 2, 2024

Female singer Princess Amirah has accused fellow singer Chris Evans of asking sexual favours from her in exchange of a collaboration.

She said that she was surprised and she couldn’t believe what was being asked from her as she always had such acts in the media and thought they were maybe not true.

Chris Evans has always spoken in the media and always says that he is unlucky when it comes to relationships. The celebrities he has always wanted other men.

He has never publicly said that he has interests in singer Princess Amirah and that is why everything was unbelievable in the beginning.

Singer Princess Amirah claims Chris Evans wanted to sleep with her before giving her a collaboration, and when she declained, he sold the song to Serena Bata, who then sang it with Ray G.

Evans hasn’t come out to say anything about the allegations yet he is one of the musicians that doesn’t like bad press.

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“I don’t know what is wrong with men in our industry but it is not what we want. I can’t believe that Chris Evans asked me to sleep with him so that he collaborate with me. When I refused he sold the song to Serena Bata and Ray G,”