Did Cindy Sanyu Get Paid To Perform For Kabaka Half Naked? Here Is All You Need To Know

June 27, 2024

Singer Cindy Sanyu has spoken about Friday rumor making rounds on social media about being paid to perform for Kabaka half naked.

She said that the rumor is nonsense and baseless and she doesn’t understand where the writer of the article got the news.

For a long time, Cindy Sanyu has been one of the female musicians that dress indecently while performing. She said she doesn’t care about anything as long as she is comfortable and the fans are having fun.

Yesterday a local news paper released an article saying that Cindy Sanyu had said that the Katikiro of Buganda had paid her to go and surprise the kabaka.

The singer said she looking for the writer of the article and wants the person to have proof of what really happened.

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“I need some help. Someone just sent me this and I’m in shock.When was this baseless nonsense written and who is the writer?,”

It should be noted that Buganda culture is very respectful and they have a dress code when meeting the Kabaka.