Diamond Platnumz’ Sister, Queen Darleen Humiliated, Kicked Out Of House By Landlord Over Rent Arrears

December 23, 2020

Diamond with Queen Darleen

In April, Zari was so bitter with Diamond Platnumz when he offered to pay 3 months house rent for 500 Tanzanian families during Coronavirus lockdown.

Zari blasted him, branded him a clown saying he was trying to please the world when he couldn’t provide for his kids.

“But you don’t know whats your kids eat or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You are selling a lie. Some people have become crowns to some of us”, Zari posted on Instastories.

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Perhaps she was right! Diamond Platnumz’ sister, Queen Darleen and husband Isihack are said to be homeless after they were kicked out of their rental mansion over failure to pay rent for a few months now.

As seen and heard on social media, the two have been struggling to make ends meet for months; and apart from Isihack’s family who have stepped in to help – Diamond Platnumz, his mum and sister Esma have distanced themselves from this drama.

Queen Darleen and Isihak.

This is probably because Diamond Platnumz helped out where he could by starting businesses for his sibling in order to support themselves; but so far we haven’t seen what Darleen did with her share but as for Esma, we all know she is running a successful clothing business that has kept her afloat for years now.

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Queen Darleen and Isihak

After months of denying that they owed close to Ksh 1 million rent arrears; Bongo gossip tabloid ‘Original East’ recently went on to share a voice note from Darleen’s alleged landlord.

In the audio one can hear how bitter the landlord is as she demands for her money; adding that she had been warned against renting them this house but she failed to listen.

Almost 6 months later and all she has is losses; and nothing to show from this stunning house she thought would bring in some profit by the end of 2020.

However turned out that all Darleen has is the celebrity identity but no money to prove that she can afford the lifestyle.