Diamond Platnumz Reveals Why He Is Not Married

July 18, 2022
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz wants to settle down soon but problem is – he still wants to make music, something he feels will not continue after he decides to marry.

The celebrated singer revealed this during a recent interview with DW Africa where he explained his reasons for remaining single. Diamond said it’s because he still wants to give his fans good music.

This happened after he was asked about his plans on settling down during the interview;

Zari with Diamond Platnumz

 What do you mean settling down? I’ve settled down.”

To which Diamond Platnumz responded saying;

Hmmm you know, I still wanna give them more music. I still wanna give them more good music.

The host being female posed again to ask;

Diamond and Zari with their children

Does he believe having a wife will stop him from putting out more good music?

And, Diamond Platnumz being himself nodded his head to confirm that yes he was blaming women on killing most musicians career.

He however, in words explained how he has watched his friends suffer this fate; hence his decision to keep fishing until he is ready to find himself a wife. Not now but in future.

That’s what I have seen. From all of my friends. That’s why I feel like, let me give you guys the good music. The time I’m about to retire I will get married.