Diamond Platnumz Forced To Defend Himself As Netizens Label His $48k Bling ‘Satanic’

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz was forced to defend himself after netizens labelled his new acquired $48,000 Diamond and Gold encrusted bling.

From his newly-bought Rolls-Royce, to his most recent gold chain, Diamond Platnumz continues to display his expensive lifestyle by purchasing highly-priced and sleek items. The WCB boss is proving himself as a spendthrift who deserved a top 10 spot in Forbes richest musicians in Africa.

Diamond Platnumz

The chain, with his nick-name ‘Simba’ written on it, is said to have cost $48,000). Flaunting the goth-like chain on his Instagram, he admonished artists to embrace buying real chains rather than the fake ones; claiming that it might lead to health issues such as cancer.

Diamonds #HalfManHalfLion Pendant!….stop wearing fake chains young boys…there’s cancer ….USD 48,000…Tsh! 111,360,000 for de pendant……………..
Aye ye ye! Naondokaje sasa???
kwanza nawahi nini wakati nimeachwa????
#FRESHI @icejewlz

Diamond posted.

The gothic appearance of the chain got many fans talking. With some claiming that he has joined Illuminati. He has however, come to defend himself against the discordant allegations.

In response, he has taken to his Instagram to claim that he believes in God;

And i believe in God, have been grinding hard…Winning Silent, and let my success screaming Loud…

Diamond clarified.

With this kind of lavish surprises, I bet there’s definitely more coming from the WCB CEO. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for a Lambo.