David Lutalo Salivates As Shakira Shakiraa Flaunts Killer Body In ‘Am In Love’ | VIDEO

David Lutalo and Shakira Shakiraa

David Lutalo and Shakira Shakiraa

David Lutalo and upcoming singer, Shakira Shakiraa have dropped massive collaboration titled ‘Am In Love’.

We can authoritatively say that Lutalo was punished throughout the whole video shoot as Shakiraa Shakiraa flaunted her killer body in his face.

In the gym, Lutalo managed to feel the smoothness of Shakira Shakiraa’s body and got a chance check her behind.

The video director who selected places of shoot just wanted to invite trouble for David Lutalo, the guy was just salivating.

Since Shakira Shakiraa jetted in Uganda, she has been trying hard, dropping song after song but but tune could be her breakthrough.

David Lutalo and Shakira Shakiraa during ‘Am In Love’ video shoot

The composition is good and it was well mastered. It will rule the airwaves because of its good audio and video.

If concerts were open, revelers would have loved the chemistry between Lutalo and Shakira Shakiraa.

After watching the video, jealous Daddy Andre will not be the same again.

Watch the video below:


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