Daddy Andre Reveals Why He Dumped Nina Roz | AUDIO

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Daddy Andre, real name Ojambo Andrew and Nina Roz have separated for good following months of speculation about their love life.

Last month, UK-based blogger, Rita Kaggwa started a rumour that the celebrity couple had split and that Daddy Andre was set to introduce US-based babe known as Shakira.

“So you are all gonna ignore the fact that Daddy Andre dumped Nina Roz and now in love with Shakira of USA. A friend to Deyonce! The pair are planning a nother mukolo semakola!”, Ritah posted on Snapchat.

Days after the allegations, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz trashed the rumour after one of the television stations phoned and they were together at home.

During the Galaxy FM ZZina Awards, the pair also appeared together and performed. They looked happy and aimed dig at haters who they claimed are spreading falsehoods about their love life.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz performing at Zzina Awards

As we speak, it seems all that was for the show but there is no love between Daddy Andre and Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz.

The ‘Sikikukweka’ singer says Nina Roz lied to him about quitting drugs and she did not change a bit. He also claims that she had not come for a relationship but calculated a move like Angella Katatumba did to revive her fading career.

Andre says that when she realized that he was walking out on her, she tried to use bloggers to taint his image claiming he was torturing her and that he has another babe. Instead some of the bloggers called him because they knew he had sacrificed a lot for her.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

The multi-talented producer, singer and songwriter revealed that he was advised to leave Nina because she is a mafia.

It seems their love story has ended before even starting.

Andre and Nina Roz are signed under Black Market Records. They have collabos; Nangana and Andele.

It should be noted that Nina and Andre have been living together as husband and wife after the former introduced the latter to her relatives in a colorful ceremony that took place in Kireka in October last year.

Listen to Daddy Andre below:

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