Could It Be The Most Flopped Concert? Salongo Siraje Suffers Losses At Lugogo (Photos)

June 15, 2024

Singer Salongo Siraje has a flopped show yesterday at Lugogo Cricket Oval and the number of fans that showed up are very few close to 100 people.

Salongo Siraje started organising his concerts months ago. He had to advertise it on on social media and in the live stream media.

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In Uganda most musicians do concerts as a way to make their own money.  But most of them fear the losses and shame of fans not showing up and bringing shame to the brands.

For Salango Siraje, he tried so much to make it as he advertised and called people to come to support him.

He even used one of the Nigerian artistes Mr Eezzy to advertise his concert but people still didn’t show up to support him fully like he had actually expected the support to be like.

Some artistes like Spice Diana showed up and supported him. She encouraged him for being brave to organise the concert even though people didn’t show up. She said it was a win for him and his loyal fans.

Here are the photos;