CORONAVIRUS: President Museveni Bans The Use Of Public Transport

March 25, 2020

President Museveni has banned the use of all public transport means all over the country for a period of two weeks to help combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

In his address to the nation, Museveni said the ban is to ensure people are safe.

“This means all taxis, all mini buses, buses, passenger trains, all tuk tuks and all boda bodas are not allowed to move because we want to minimize movement,”Museveni said.

“The only means will be private vehicles but they should not carry more than 3 people including the driver. “

Museveni cited an example of the man who travelled from Kisumu back to Uganda and ended up infecting his eight months baby with coronavirus in Iganga noting that if it had not public means, he would not have travelled to infect the young one.

“This is meant to ensure people postpone their unsafe journeys.”


The president however noted that ambulances for the Health Ministry, vehicles for security forces, some of the government vehicles doing essential work, vehicles for sanitary services like those dealing in garbage will be exempted from the ban.