HIHI! City Man-Eater, Unapologetic Eve Accuses Her Partner In Crime, Ainebintu Of Stealing Her Wig

September 14, 2020

A week after releasing naked pictures, city man-eater, Unapologetic Eve is accusing her partner in crime and singer, Laura Karungi a.k.a Ainebintu of stealing her wig.

Unapologetic Eve and Ainebintu have been so close and even featured in Crysto Panda’s ‘Bino-Ebiluma Abayaye’ shaking their behinds.

[irp posts=”11335″ name=”Slay Queens Ainebintu, Unapologetic Eve Leave Nothing For Imagination In Sexilious Photoshoot | PICTURES”]

Their friendship has perished today when a babe by names of Patra Patricia took to Twitter and told Ainebintu to return the wig she stole from her roommate, Unapologetic Eve.

Upon seeing the Tweet, Ainebintu threatened to kick Patra’s *ss for defaming her and revealed she has the receipts of the wig in question.



In her defense, Ainebintu also claims that she is being attacked because she made out with Eve’s man in front of her, in her house.



After Ainebintu spilled the beans, Eve who was hiding in ‘kanoli’ also joined the tweet party!



Ainebintu is an upcoming artiste and has sang songs; Zzina, Tuzilye, Kyensaba. She also works as a PR for Gong DJ Academy.

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