Brenda Miles Exposes Celebs Begging Her For Nunu, Plots To Chew Off Some | VIDEO

April 15, 2022
Brenda Miles

Brenda Miles

Dubai-based self confessed Nunu vender, Brenda Miles has exposed Ugandan celebs who are busy in inboxing her begging for nunu.

Brenda, who is commonly known for vending nunu in Dubai and praising her job, was forced to defend herself after a video of her look-alike hiding $100 bill in her nunu leaked online.

That aside, the 21-year old revealed that there are some celebs plotting to harvest her and also begs her for dime.

Brenda Miles

In an interview with SB4 Media, Brenda revealed that social media comedian, Tonda Nasser aka Sesa Bat and Victor Kamenyo have been vibing her via her social media inbox with an aim of harvesting her when she returns to Uganda.

Brenda also mentioned Ugandan celebrities she is plotting to eat beyond repair when she returns back to dusty Kampala. She mentioned; Ykee Benda, Bruno K, B2C boys among others.

When SB4 asked her as to whether she would love to switch the job and get off the streets, Brenda told him that there is no any job she can do that is more enjoyable and pays handsomely like vending nunu.

Watch video below: