Brave Kisoro Man Eats Babe On Roadside In Broad Daylight | VIDEO

Kisoro Man

Kisoro Man

Naye Ani afuga egwanga lino?

Onlookers in Kisoro were treated to a free movie yesterday after unruly bicycle rider decided to pack on the roadside and chewed babe into pieces.

The Boda Boda riders who were packed adjacent watched in shock as unknown man fidgeted and enjoyed himself ‘kabuzi’ style.

The onlookers called each other, cheered on as they have never seen such an act of bravely.


The guy showed pure stamina during the eating as the chic held onto the bicycle for support.

After watching the video, the SMAU family have criticized their member arguing that though, the act was cost effective, the guy would have gotten another location since Kisoro has many hills which would have provided a better eating place.