Bajjo Cries Like A baby, Wants To Join Bobi Wine | VIDEO

Bajjo (L) with Bobi Wine, Nubian Li and Abtex

Bajjo, real name Andrew Mukasa has recorded video crying like a baby as he apologises to NUP president, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bajjo left NUP and has been attacking Bobi Wine arguing that he has no vision and the capability to lead this country. He has has made a U-turn and said he is going to join Bobi Wine.

Bajjo who appeared angry and disturbed, said he is not going to Magere to apologise to Bobi Wine but revealed he went to Mengo and was told that why Buganda has failed to grow and a Muganda to capture power are people like Bajjo.


The events promoter says he is not going to apologise to Bobi Wine because the pain he felt after he was denied a NUP ticket is the reason why he has been bashing the ‘Ghetto Gladiator’.

The outspoken blogger apologised to Buganda, Catholic church, Anglican and the Busoga community for what he has been saying on different platforms.

He says Buganda, Busonga, Nothern Uganda, Omulangira will announce the day of fasting and announce what next. He claims what is coming in Uganda is bigger than Bobi Wine and himself.

He called on security operatives to arrest him, crying that he wants to die or be in jail.

Watch video below:
Bajjo cries like a baby

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