Bad Black, Toy Boy Asha Wanted For Assaulting STV Journalist

January 27, 2022
Asha proposes to Bad Black

Asha proposes to Bad Black

Socialite and ex-con, Shanitah namuyimbwa aka Bad Black and her toy boy, Asha Katende are on the run again after beating up STV journalist, Martin.

Bad Black who was in company of her toy boy Asha, were attending a party at African Roots in Entebbe when they got into a heated exchange with Martin.

The Masolo Queen picked up a plate and hit Martin before her toy boy beat up the journalist into pulp.

Thumped: Martin

As we speak, Martin is currently hospitalized nursing wounds and a case was opened at Katwe Police Station; SD REF 59/27/01/22; Offence: Assault.

According to bad Black, Martin started the war by asking silly questions which undermined her fiance. She says she is fed up of disrespectful journalists.

At 1:30am your still covering a birthday party putting on tv uniform it as been 13 yrs nga bannamawurile mumanyira nga nsilika because Uganda government terina mataka gabafuga kati mutumayira nyo:: gwe Martin eyo embizi yeyabadde ekulowoozeza nti u can beat my slim daddy 😀😀 you started the trouble 😀😀 how can you ask another man if he can f— me infront of my husband wabadde omanyi ndi namukazi munange 😀😀😀kifesi yakubye nga gwe omuluma bulumi Dear Martin be nursing wounds am waiting for summons my lawyers always ready 💪 Paparazzi it’s been long time disrespecting people’s relationship kumanyoko

Bad Black