Bad Black Reveals Her Wedding Venue

Asha proposes to Bad Black

Asha proposes to Bad Black

Bad Black is determined to settle with toy boy, Asha Katende Panda and the pair are planning a lavish wedding to cement their relationship.

Bad Black, an ex-convict and self proclaimed prostitute, has four children from different dads and she is now pregnant for Asha. The pair have been dating, staying together for over two years and for the first time in her life, Bad Black confessed that she is ready to settle.

Bad Black and Asha

Asha is from the same clan with Bad Black‘s mum but the Masolo Queen insisted that she can’t walk away from the relationship claiming that she has never been with a guy who bonks her right like Asha.

On May 9th, At a private proposal, Asha took a knee and asked the self proclaimed ‘Masolo Queen’ to be his wife; and of course, Bad Black said YES!

Asha proposing to Bad Black

Since the successful proposal, the pair have been preparing for a wedding and the Masolo Queen revealed that they are planning a simple ceremony that will be graced by few friends and close family members.

The Masolo Queen says her dream wedding destination is Zanzibar, Tanzania.

In 2012, Mama Jona was sentenced to four years in jail by the Anti-Corruption Court for embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company, a company she had started with by then British lover, David Greenhalgh.

Following her release from Luzira Prison, Bad Black changed life style and claims she is done chasing loaded guys for money.

She is currently running a cosmetic business dealing mostly in bleaching creams.

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