Bad Black Postpones Wedding With Toy Boy, Asha

Asha proposes to Bad Black

Asha proposes to Bad Black

Ex-con Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has confirmed the postponement of her wedding with toy boy, Asha Panda Katende.

On May 9th, Asha went down on one knee and asked Bad Black to marry him to which she happily said ‘Yes.’

The self proclaimed Masolo Queen and Asha started dating in September 2019 after the certified thigh vendor dumped Sky West who was her toy boy by then.

As the pair started chewing themselves, Bad Black learnt that she was related to Asha since he is from the same clan with her mum.

The Masolo Queen refused to quit the relationship claiming that she has never landed a man who bonks her into cabbage like Asha.

Bad Black and Asha

Following the engagement, Bad Black announced that they were planning to wed in Zanzibar.

On June 16th, Bad Black, her kids and Asha flew to Zanzibar but returned in the country over the weekend.

Speaking to our snoops, Bad Black intimated to us that they have decided to postpone the wedding due to Covid-19 but it will happen soon. 

She had invited different people from all over the world, she wants all of them to attend the wedding.

“It will happen after the lockdown, I want all the guests I invited to attend because it’s a special event in my life which needs to be,” she said in an interview.