Bad Black Officially Rejoins People Power Weeks After Pocketing NRM Cash – WATCH VIDEO

July 6, 2020

Controversial socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has rejoined People Power weeks after taking home a box full of cash from NRM mobilisers.

Bad Black recorded Covid-19 advert and demanded to be paid. Ministry of Health disowned her stating that they never signed an agreement with her and that she recorded the ad voluntarily.

The ‘Masolo Queen’ made noise on social media and threatened to quit NRM. Events promoter, Balaam, Full Figure approached her and paid her a box full of cash.

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Bad Black rejoins People Power

After receiving the payment, Bad Black said she was going to bombard People Power.

Today, the self confessed prostitute who turned 31 on yesterday and celebrated her birthday in a 4-some, made a U-turn with a Facebook confirmation post.

Watch Bad Black rejoining People Power:

Bad Black officially rejoins People Power weeks after pocketing NRM cash


Clad in red beret and an overall, Bad Black posted “I normally don’t explain myself. It’s my life and free freedom to support what I want”


Bad Black campaigned and supported president Museveni in 2016 general elections but later quit and joined People Power.

In February this year, Bad Black denounced People Power and crossed back to NRM saying that Bobi Wine was misleading the youth into protests.

Now she is back but we are not sure what she is calculating.