Bad Black Is Pregnant, Reveals The Number Of Children She Wants

March 7, 2021

Bad Black and Asha

Ex-con and self confessed prostitute, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is 5 months pregnant!. The ‘Masolo Queen’ confirmed that the father of her unborn baby is Asha Katende.

Bad Black and Asha

Bad Bad who already has 4 children from different fathers, says she is rewarding Asha for his underlying love he has showed her.

Recently Bad Black revealed that Asha comes from the same clan like her mum’s but refused to throw in a towel. Her argument was that he bonks her right.

Bad Black making out with toy boy Asha

While in an interview with MC Ibrah, Bad Black revealed that she in plans to introduce Asha to her parents and wants 8 children.

Bad Black and Asha