Bad Black Hurl Insults At Salvado For Exposing Her Over Rent Arrears

July 23, 2021
Bad Black

Bad Black

Last week, we broke a story how the Masolo Queen ran away from a rental in Butabika with arrears and disappeared in thin air! And the truth is out on the internet!

Ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has hurled all sorts of abuses at comedian Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi after he exposed her for running away with rent arrears. The rental belongs to Salvado’s sister.

Bad Black

Salvado sent UK-based blogger and Bad Black’s nemesis, Ritah Kaggwa WhatsApp messages and told her to expose the Masolo Queen for escaping from his sister’s rental at 2am with arrears.

Salvado says Bad Black last paid rent in August last year and also left behind unpaid water bill of 2.5m.

Salvado’s WhatsApp Message to Ritah kaggwa

After Ritah Kaggwa posted messages to expose the Masolo Queen, Bad Black took her anger on Salvado and branded him a faded comedian who wants to ride on her to rise again.

Gwe ki Salvador sagala kamanyilo mbwa mwe your no longer a comedian wagwa and you think you will get your come back on me kisilani gwe wa zzina nyoko mu ttako

In 2011 Bad Black and his lover, Meddie Sentongo were sent to Luzira by Anti-Corruption Court for stealing $3,824,130 (Shs11b) from Daveshan Development Company Ltd, a company the Masolo Queen owned with her British lover, David Greenhagh.

After she was released from Luzira prison in March 2016, Bad Black had lost almost everything including a house she had bought in Munyonyo and started renting.

Last week our snoops intimated to us that she sneaked out of the rental and moved into another pad near Arrow Security in Butabika.