Bad Black Evicted From Rental Over Arrears

Bad Black

Bad Black

Bad Black, Shanitah Namuyimbwa is sweating plasma after the landlord allegedly evicted from her from the house over 8 million rent arrears.

In 2009, Bad Black started dating British national, David Greenhagh and the pair started a company named Daveshan Development Company Ltd. Bad Black later connived with lover, Meddie Sentongo and stole $3,824,130 (Shs11b).

They splashed dime around town! Bad Black bought expensive rides, chewed every celeb she has ever admired, did open bars, bought a house in Munyonyo among other stuff.

Bad Black

Unfortunately in 2011 she was arrested together with Meddie and the Anti-Corruption Court remanded them to Luzira. In bid to rescue herself, Bad Black hired expensive lawyers and in the process, she lost all her properties.

In March 2016, Bad Black was released but she had no money to splash around but as a sharp street woman, she stayed in the socialite game.

Over the years we thought Masolo Queen was staying in her own house but seems she has been renting.

Her Nemesis and UK-based blogger, Ritah Kaggwa took to snapchat and spilled the beans that the self confessed Punani vendor was thrown out of the house she was renting in Butabika over rent arrears totaling to 8 million.

Ritah Kaggwa

The ex-con hit back and told her that the sitting room of 800k a month is bigger than her two bedroomed house she stays in in London.

The Masolo Queen told Ritah Kaggwa that she is always behind the news and reminded her that she has aright to shit from one place to another.

Masolo Queen also challenged Ritah Kaggwa to display receipts if she is paying her own rent claiming that the UK government foots her rent bills.

Check out the exchanges below:

Bad Black Screenshots
Bad Black Snapchat screenshots

Masolo Queen now stays with the Toy Boy, Asha Katende Panda. They were planning a wedding in Zanzibar but postponed it over Cobid-19 wave.

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