Bad Black Comes Out Of Hiding, Trashes Police Raid

January 5, 2022
Bad Black

Bad Black

Yesterday, ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black jumped her fence Ninja style and vanished after police closed in on her at her rental in Butabika, Nakawa division.

The Masolo Queen is wanted after 15 cases were filed against her relating to theft, fraud and obtaining money by false pretense among many others.

Car dealer, Robert accuses Bad Black of hiring car reg. No. UBA 441Z on May 15th, 2021 at 2m and failed to pay. She also destroyed its windscreen worth 500k and refused to replace it.

A lady claims she paid the Masolo Queen 1.1m to take her abroad but has since refused to pick her phone calls.

Bad Black

Through her Cosmetic company, some ladies ordered for skin lightening creams and she failed to deliver after pocketing their dime. She boldly told her pressing clients that the business is no more.

Through Snapchat, a ranting Bad Black revealed that she is not afraid of the summons and that her lawyers will handle them.

As long as it’s not a murder case, that’s not a big issue. Summons are normal, my lawyers will go there. That’s why I told you police can’t just arrest me, am a public figure. Summons work until court proves me guilt otherwise am still innocent

Bad Black wrote on Snapchat

The Masolo Queen claims she is innocent and accuses her haters of trying to drag her name into the mud. She also asked her fans not to worry about her because she is very safe and fine.

Our snoops in Butabika have confirmed that she has not returned home and we can’t tell where she is texting from.

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