Bad Black And Lover, Asha Venture Into Business

April 6, 2021
Bad Black and Asha

Bad Black and Asha

Bad Black and new toy boy, Asha Panda Katende seem to be planning future together and have started an online beauty products business.

Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa and Asha started dating in 2019 after the former dumped Sky West.

After almost a year of bonking, the ‘Masolo Queen’ was told that she was related to Asha due to the fact that he comes from the same clan with Bad Black’s mother; They share the same totem.

Bad Black and Asha

Despite being relatives, the ex-con revealed that Asha gives her the best sex and vowed never to leave him.

Recently, she disclosed that she is 6 months pregnant for Asha and wants to get married to him.

With plans of settling together, Bad Black and Asha have started a company dubbed ‘Bad Black And Asha Panda Beauty Company’, the beauty company deals in a wide range of beauty products, including lotions, creams, makeup, skin-lightening creams, hair, soap, and so much more.

The company operates online and the store is currently based at her home in Butabika.

In July 2012, The Anti-Corruption Court sentenced city socialite Shanita Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black to four years in jail for embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company.

The same court sentenced her co- accused Meddie Ssentongo, who was found guilty of conspiring to defraud Daveshan Company, to 18 months in jail.

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