Babe In Miss Lira Blockbuster Identified, Drops Extra Clip | VIDEO

March 29, 2022
Miss Lira

Miss Lira

As we promised you, the babe in Miss Lira blockbuster has been identified by our hardworking snoops and her name is Eve.

Mid month, netizens were left in total frenzy after a vid of Eve and her former boss, Ken leaked online.

Before the leak, Eve knew anytime the video would drop and she took it to her Facebook account and stated “I am fine and not threatened by any kind of post about private life being released”.

Miss Lira with her boss

Online in-laws approved the clip and named it video of the year due to the skill Eve Jay exhibited while eating her boss beyond repair.

From another clip that we have landed on, Eve can be heard asking Ken questions before the match kickoff.

“Are u in a relationship? what you know about relationships?”, Eve asked. Ken replied ‘Of course’.

“Wow i love your answer, you are such a brave person”, a ready Eve applauded ken for being honest. 


We believe the arrangement was made to spice up the boss so that she keeps her job.