Ba Mbwa, Babi Nyo: Gravity Tears Into Spice Diana, Roger, Brands Them Pretenders | VIDEO

May 28, 2022
Roger Lubega and Spice Diana (L), Gravity Omutujju (R)

Roger Lubega and Spice Diana (L), Gravity Omutujju (R)

Rapper, Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity Omutujju has blasted Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega branding them hypocrites.

This comes a day after Spice Diana hosted ‘Stargal’ EP release party at Cubana in Munyonyo and preached togetherness.

Spice Diana and Roger

While appearing on galaxy FM, Gravity said Spice Diana and manager Roger are pretenders, hypocrites and bad hearted.

He claims they have done lots of bad things and pay the media to portray them as good people.

‘Nyabo’ singer insists he knows Spice and Roger in and out and vowed to expose them next time.

Gravity Omutujju

Ba Roger ne Spice Si babumu, Ba mbwa nyo, ba pretendinga mu industry naye be basinga amazzi, balimba ensi mbu bantu balungi, babi nyo. Babelawo nga babalimba limba, buli kimu bakolelera kyakugulilia.

Gravity Omutujju

Gravity who is preparing for ‘Tusimbudde Ani Alina Enene Concert’ at Cricket Oval on October 1, said Spice and Roger should should not appear.

Critics however, have punched holes in Gravity Omutujju’s claims arguing that he pulling a stunt to promote his show as he as always done in the past.