ASIBA KAWANI! Bajjo Quits The Struggle, Brands Bobi Wine A Joke, Unfit to Lead Uganda | VIDEO

September 2, 2020

Defiant People Power supporter and events promoter, Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo Events has quit the struggle!

Bajjo, who is known for attacking the government and abusing non People Power supporters seems to have jumped out of the ship before his ‘Principle’ Bobi Wine captures power.

From the video circulating online, Bajjo branded Bobi Wine a joke and accused him of hoodwinking Ugandans.

Bajjo argues that a person who wants to lead Uganda, cannot behave like the way Bobi Wine does. Bajjo accuses the NUP leader of ordering his goons to attack him on social media.

[irp posts=”7379″ name=”Abtex, Bajjo Accuse Bobi Wine Of Not Being Supportive, Contemplate Quitting The Struggle – WATCH VIDEO”]

L-R: Bajjo, Bobi Wine, Nubian Li and Abtex

Bajjo says he is awakening Ugandans who believe that Bobi Wine can lead them to the promised land claiming he will disappear with the fundraising dime.

“A person who wants to lead Uganda, you don’t act like Bobi Wine. A leader you must love your enemies, you cannot change Uganda from Kamwokya meetings. Bobi Wine is a Facebook president not for Ugandans on the ground. The first time i doubted his ability, he was in Lira and asked International community where are you?, on Facebook. Am saying this because i want to save the nation, Bobi Wine is hoodwinking Ugandans, after fundraising, he will run away”, Bajjo Claims.

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Bajjo’s outburst comes days after a renown government critic, Basajja Mivule denounced People Power and joined president Museveni.

As Ugandans gear towards 2021 general elections, Bobi Wine has lost his close people; Ashburg Katto, Full Figure to president Museveni’s camp and we could see more as NUP prepare for primaries.