Ashburg Katto Stings NUP After Receiving Second Car From NRM | PHOTOS

Ashburg Katto

Ashburg Katto

At the beginning of September, a group of Ugandans calling themselves friends of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba gifted NUP deserter, Ashraf Katto aka Ashburg Katto Big Fish a Toyota Premio UBK series.

Car friends of Gen. Muhoozi gifted to Ashburg Katto

Yesterday, Ashburg Katto bagged another car, this time a BMW X5 which he claims it is a gift from president Museveni’s daughter, Natasha.

After receiving the car, Ashburg took photos and aimed a dig at his OBs he left in People Power/National unity Platform (NUP). He asked them how the struggle is going?

Another one! It’s Natasha Museveni on dis one baibyyy. So far NRM nakajigyamu obumotoka bubiri, wamma gwe gwenaleka mu Piipo Power eyo kiri kitya? Situlago mugyiwulira bwetatambula? WAMMA THANK YOU MY TWIN SISTER FOR BLESSING ME WITH THIS GREEN SNAKE

Ashburg Katto
BMW X5 Ashburg katto claims Natasha gifted him

When Ashbutg Katto crossed from NUP to NRM in May 2020, he had mixed fortunes; he received cows from president Museveni and other financial donations.

However, he found himself helpless after Facebook deleted his page which was his biggest source of power in terms of attacking personalities. Other bloggers especially those who were attacking NUP like Isma Olaxess, Bajjo, Full Figure lost their pages too.

They tried opening new ones but still Facebook deleted them. Some gave up while others migrated to twitter.