Arsenal boss Arteta admits Martinelli needs to check his ego

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says Gabriel Martinelli must handle not being selected better.

Without European football in 21-22, minutes will be hard to come by for the Ituano academy product.

Arteta has already informed Martinelli of what he needs to do in order to keep himself in his manager’s good-books.

“He came back in [from injury in December 2020] and he had an impact but there were still a lot of things that we had to work on with him,” the Arsenal boss explained in April.

“He needs time. He is so willing and so anxious that it can block his development sometimes as well.

“Sometimes he won’t understand my decisions but the only reason I make those is to help him, so when he gets the chance to sprint, he can sprint and when he falls, he goes again.”

The Spaniard continued: “I want a long run with him, not just a short one and he’s in a better place now.”

But Arteta also pointed out Martinelli’s reaction to not being selected for Gunners matches must improve, something he has had to deal with on multiple occasions this term.

“There are a few things that have to be better and one of those is to manage when he doesn’t play,” he added.

“You have to know how to suffer when you are on the bench. You have to be able to swallow that, all your ego and anger, all your willingness to play the game.”