Are Those Wigs Cheap? Prima Kardashi Calls Out Momo19’s Recent Sense Of Fashion

June 5, 2024

Media personality Momo19 has recently made her come back to television just one month after welcoming her first child with husband singer Dax Kartel.

But some people are not her fans with her recent sense of fashion on her new job.

Momo19 used to work at BBS television. By the time she got pregnant she decided to resign and focus on her marriage and even manage her husband in his career.

Most of the times, television stations provide their presenters with attires and even post about them for people to be excited. But spark television didn’t even alert anyone about the new presenter.

The attire Momo19 was putting on didn’t look that good. Geosteady’s ex wife Prima Kardashi called her out saying she needs to better up her game and look better.

Momo19 Lands Television Work Month After Giving Birth

She said the outfits were very cheap and ugly yet the television station is very big.

“Banange ugandan tv presenters olemwa😂.

No gym, no skin care,ugly wigs,ugly outfits,engato zagwa olubege😂😂,lipstick alinga paint😂…..kwegamba tvs should do better,”