All You Need To Know About The Drug That Almost killed Jackie Chandiru

July 30, 2020

Ugandan songstress Jackie Chandiru has for the first time revealed that she was addicted to Pethidine and not narcotics as media reported.

In an interview with Kenyan website she said, “I was addicted to a drug called Pethidine;  It’s a pain killer. The reason as to why i was addicted is coz i sustained a back injury and was supposed to go for surgery but was told it would be 50-50. If it din’t work i wouldn’t be able to walk and before the surgery, i was on Pethidine; it takes away the pain”.

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Jackie Chandiru looking so fresh

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She added, “It (Pethidine) was more of quick relief although from the start i was told it was very addictive. I ended up getting used to it after using it for sometime. I didn’t use it to get high. I did it cz of my pain because i had to entertain and work”

Pethidine is used to treat pain, particularly during childbirth. It is usually given by injection and provides pain relief for up to four hours.

Chandiru before she was flown to the US treatment

Side effects include; 

1. Nausea

2. Mental clouding – It is when a person is slightly less wakeful or aware than normal. They are not as aware of time or their surroundings and find it difficult to pay attention

3. Feeling dizzy or sleepy

4. Change in mood

5. Sweating

6. Causes respiratory depression

Jackie Chandiru almost committed suicide because of Pethidine. The drug affected her career and got to a point where she din’t want to work or hit studios.

Depression also kicked in when the media started bombarding her with false stories.

She received treatment from the US and now stays in Kenya with the lover. She is working on her music comeback and has released two songs; ‘Quarantine’ and ‘The One’ featuring Arrow Bwoy since this year began.