Ali Kiba Reveals Diamond Platnumz’ Song He Loves Most And Why

March 1, 2021

Ali Kiba

Singer Ali Kiba has showered praises at Diamond Platnumz, revealing that his song African Beauty, featuring Omarion, is his favourite hit.

During an Instagram live chat with fans on social media, Kiba played some of his favourite hits from artistes under the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) label.

Diamond Platnumz

He could not leave his greatest rival out and surprisingly praised Diamond for a good job on African Beauty hit, saying he loves the song.

“This one is my favourite, I love it and he did very well on it. I like the beats and melody, you know I’m very good at melody, so I need to appreciate melodies,” he said.

He then started dancing to his friend’s delighted, not in the camera view, who taunted him for listening to Diamond’s song.

Diamond and Kiba have probably the longest standing top tier beef in East Africa music history but at times share how much they respect each other.

The musical feud was recently put into doubt after rumours went rife that Kiba was planning to retire from music in 2021.

Heated debates were initiated by his fans who wanted to know if the reports were true or were just that; rumours. The musician, in an interview, was forced to address the issue about his alleged retirement.