AIGP Asan Kasingye Hands Over Office

May 5, 2022
AIGP: Asan Kasingye

AIGP: Asan Kasingye

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Asan Kasingye handed over office after his contract with the Uganda Police expired.

In March 2020, President Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces renewed contracts for five police directors including AIGP Kasingye.

In the letter, Museveni also renewed the contracts for Andrew Sorowen (Special Duties), Joseph Mugisa (Fire and Rescue Services), John Ndungutse (Attache at Uganda Embassy in Kenya) and Erasmus Twaruhukwa (Human Rights and Legal Services).

Asan Kasingye

However, after expiry of his contract, Kasingye on Tuesday handed over office to his deputy.

As netizens speculated that he quit/resigned, Kasingye seems much interested in his work and revealed that he woke up, put on his uniform only for his wife to remind him it was over.

Contrary to online reports that I “quit”, “resigned, the fact is, my contract expired & had to handover. It may be renewed or not. I am proud to bow out head high. Problem is, I woke up this morning, put on my uniform. At the dining table, my wife reminded me that it was over

Asan Kasingye

Asan Kasingye is so popular on social media and has helped many Ugandans approach him with their grievances.

Due to his love for sports, Kasigye has been serving as the chairman of the force’s football club, Police FC.

AIGP Asan Kasingye with Tonny Mawejje

It should be noted that in 2017, Kasigye was moved from Interpol where he served as director and appointed as the Police’s Chief Political Commissar.